writing a story

a friend came to me the other day telling me they had an idea in their head about a story for a while, but they were afraid to do anything since in the past someone told them their writing was terrible and they would never get published.

first off, who fucking talks like that? like. just in general. this isn't fucking naruto, just live your best life and stop hurting people.

but while this made me livid people like this exist, it had me thinking about how hard it can be to get yourself motivated to start writing. maybe you don't have an idea. maybe you think your writing is garbage. maybe you don't know how to write. well, i'm here to tell you that all of those insecurities are completely valid. but you shouldn't let them get in the way of having fun and doing what you want.

here's some hot knowledge about aspects of my own creative writing process that'll hopefully help you and some of my friends out too. i'm mostly gonna talk about planning and not so…

keep calm, this is only a test

a super short visual novel idea about one of the other characters in my universe?

you'd play as an inspector working for the government and looking over the processes of the laboratory of dr. sinclair.

the facilities are being funded to understand how powers work and where they come from, and while dr. sinclair is technically using it for that, he's also using it in a much different fashion from what was expected.

it'd probably be more like a kinetic novel? i'm not thinking a lot about other endings, just... trying to figure out how the mutants look and the flow of events.

characters include uhhh

hindsight, foresight, dr. sinclair, delilah, matt, and... i think that's it actually

there's much less assets and backgrounds needed for this than everything else so i might actually work on it a bit idfk

room design

i'm starting to talk about shit that's relevant to my writing openly to my friends so that obviously means i need to blog more. i feel like that shit's wince-worthy and makes people uncomfortable in the wrong setting, so i guess i'll pop back here.

before getting into the nitty gritty, i guess i should say that i'm going to try going back to college. not necessarily scad,(the college i attended before dropping out) more likely the kansas city art institute. or maybe just some community college courses first, i'm not sure yet. i know it's more practical, but i'm afraid if i do work in an environment with such low expectations i'm not gonna get jack shit done.

i'd most likely have to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer about my current debts to scad before seeing if i can even go to college, but it is something i'd like to pursue more seriously than i have been just pondering in the past year. so... unfortunately, that means i probably won't be…


it's hard sometimes? it's kind of weird, i had an easier time working on aspen when i didn't have a physically written schedule. but i also talked about it a lot more back then. maybe i just need to get back to talking regularly about it and fleshing out the world.

it's not that i'm not working.

recently, i've been working on the gui for an upcoming visual novel called melty smile.

i've been coming up with an outline and designs for the dnd visual novel. (which i made a lemmasoft post for holding some more specific information about the characters and plot)
i swear im just Playing with the idea — sweet coconuts (@lophiiiformes) September 26, 2017 i've still been getting my work done on time for my visual communications class.

i dunno, maybe i've just been running around too much. i need some time to sit down and just take a breather. not like just a fraction of a day, like an entire day. where i just do nothing but pal ar…

dnd-inspired vn?

yeah i dunno i keep thinking about this whenever i play dnd

i feel like i can make it short enough to release p quickly it's just a matter of drawing sprites for everyone and making time between everything fuckin else i have to do

it'd just be like a party that has to go out to kill a... a boss monster. i'll figure it out.

it will actually be a bunch of people playing so sometimes there would be 'pauses' in the game where the players interact with each other.

"huh, aphrodite hasn't spoken in a while. i wonder what--" "i'm getting a pizza shut the fuck up"

i dunno if i should make them more seasoned adventurers like level 10 or just stick to keeping them level 5. i feel like it'd just be a cool little thing to include their character sheets in the game so i was working on them pretty late last night? or at least the basic concepts for the main characters

aisling summerwolf
race: human
class: ranger (primeval guardian / monster slayer …

let's take a hot look at dream daddy

ok i know i said i'd look at some superhero movies and i will in a bit, but i found this stuff in my google docs so i figured i might as well post it since i spent so much time on it. besides, it's not like there isn't anything to learn from dream daddy. it's a dating sim, so technically it is still in the same boat as aspen.

so let me make this all lowercase to match the rest of this blog and get this show on the road

dream daddy: a dad dating simulator was the first game published by game grumps. probably a wise choice to make your first game one of the most simple types of games possible to code, but it's a shame that coding wise you fucked it up on release. thanks for fixing it, but holy shit was this game a mess when it first came out. i can't blame them, they were rushed for release. it's their first game, they didn't realize how much work was going into the finishing touches.

needing more time is understandable, however it's safe to bet more …

so ablaze is gonna be a thing

remember when i said i probably wasn't gonna make it? haha that was... that was a pretty dope prank.

i ended up making some sprites of reynard and alexander in an episode of being hyperfocused.

i think i might just accept that i can only do idle animations — sweet coconuts (@lophiiiformes) September 7, 2017

except it's not gonna be a vn? at least not a conventional one? most of the conversations are gonna be pretty optional? i dunno if i wanna make it like telltale where it has some adventure game elements or you're just a guy that wanders around a place talking to people.

i feel like i have to do something to make the wandering around interesting or else it'll be like "why did you make this like a game and not just a vn" but i dunno what yet

i'm not gonna sweat it since this is a side-project taking a huge backseat to aspen. but this will probably be something i finish eventually. feels weird doing the assets myself, but hey so…